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“Where Friendly Service is a Tradition”

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Lumber Available at Sixt Lumber


Sixt Lumber offers all of the major softwood species: Southern Pine, Douglas Fir, Hem-fir and SPF (Spruce-Pine-Fir) in a broad range of widths, lengths and grades. Sixt Lumber offers specialty species of Oak, Poplar, Cedar and Clear Pine.

Sixt Lumber also provides an extensive range of treated lumber products, engineered LVL’S and Glue-lams.

Paint Products


With so much paint to choose from, how do you know what paint is right for your project? Many factors determine the type of paint you will need. Sixt Lumber can help you make the right decisions, from selecting sheen and color to performance and wear.

Sixt Lumber can help you get your project done right.

Tools at Sixt Lumber


Sixt Lumber offers a wide selection of tools designed specifically for the pro or homeowner in mind. At both of our family owned locations we carry pneumatic and power tools; new and reconditioned, mechanic tools and combo tool kits.

Sixt Lumber has a variety of quality tool brands available like Makita, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Bostitch and Paslode.

Window Options


Windows protect the interior of your home from the weather outside and maintain the comfort. Windows will provide security and reduce the noise levels of the outside, and transference of noise from the inside out. Sixt Lumber has a variety of styles, selection and affordable windows for any budget.

Clopay Haas Holmes


Garage Doors may be one of the most visible portions of a house, providing curb appeal as well as security for the home. With all the styles offered you can be sure to find the best garage door for your home.
Stop in today and let us help you choose the right option for your home..

XPanse Fencing Available at Sixt Lumber


Sixt Lumber can help you customize a fence that has style, security, affordability and offers long lasting beauty.
Whether you are looking for secure aluminum fencing or durable vinyl fencing,

Sixt Lumber offers fencing that is reliable and beautiful.

Trex Decking


Sixt Lumber offers several decking options. Trex is low maintenance with high-quality performance. Trex has stunning deck color options available. Trex decking is hassle-free with no sanding, painting or staining. Sixt Lumber also offers a full line of Treated Lumber for all of your decking needs.

Our family-owned stores can also help you determine decking material, decking size & the layout of the deck.

Trex Railing


The most important features of any railing are style, material and performance.  Railings come in a variety of colors and designs so it’s easy to find the most efficient railing and stay within the budget.

Sixt Lumber can show you all of the railing options available to make your home visually stunning.



Your front entryway is one of the biggest style statements your home can make. Whether you are building new or remodeling, you want to feel confident you have selected the perfect style for your home. Your front door must also function for security and keeping out the elements.

Sixt Lumber offers an extensive selection of doors to help you decide what is best for your home.



When choosing flooring, consider the amount of traffic on the surface and the style of the room.
Also, take into consideration the ambiance to be created by the material used and the color chosen. Your flooring choice is the foundation of your design.

Sixt Lumber can help you explore all of the flooring styles and colors available.

Kitchen Kompact


Your kitchen is the main focus of your home. It is also a place where more than meals are made, it is a place you share with your loved ones and it is where memories are made. Creating that space is just as important. Whether you are entertaining or preparing meals, your kitchen should be functional, yet stylish.

Sixt Lumber can help you explore all the possibilities for cabinets, countertops and seamless sinks.

Closet MasterSuite


MasterSuite now has customizable storage options for the whole home. MasterSuite’s limitless configurations offer the quality and aesthetics you need to create truly custom organization.

Whether it is a beautifully customized reach-in closet or comprehensive storage for a pantry, MasterSuite builds easily into any bathroom, laundry, mudroom, pet, living room or entry way for high-quality organization.



Different insulations deliver a number of benefits such as vapor permeability, fire resistance, exceptional noise reduction and dimensional stability. Insulation will make any structure energy efficient and add value. Sixt Lumber provides a full range of insulation products that work together to achieve complete comfort.

Sixt Lumber can help you find the right insulation for the comfort of your home.



Whether you are looking for ceilings or walls, discover unique textures and individual beauty with the extensive selection at Sixt Lumber. Premium products that bring natural beauty, exceptional durability and unsurpassed quality to any wall or ceiling project.

At Sixt Lumber, explore all the different wall colors, textures, and finishes to accent any room decor.

Armstrong Ceiling


Update your home with the latest in ceiling options. Premium products designed to help you create beautiful spaces. Repair or replace a ceiling with ease.

Sixt Lumber can help you find ceilings that enhance comfort, save time and offer something that will fit into your room design.

Vinyl Siding


Siding provides protection for the structure from the climate and elements. When designing the exterior of a home, builders and homeowners have a multitude of siding options for creating the desired look and lifestyle. Stone, composite and vinyl can be visually stunning.

The façade of a building is the most visible aspect and will create curb appeal.

Timberline Roofing


The purpose of the roof is to protect the structures interior by shedding the elements created by weather. A roof is a system of design and materials working together as a shield against the external world and the weather. The curb appeal of the structure will be enhanced by the roof. When searching for the right material, know the life expectancy of the material to be used.

Sixt Lumber can help you find what you are looking for.

Mouldings & Columns

Moulding & Columns

Mouldings are functional as well as aesthetic and will enhance any room’s décor. Originally created to cover joints where windows and doors meet drywall, and flooring meets the wall.

The design of the moulding makes a statement about the architectural style of the room.

Concrete Cement Available at Sixt Lumber


Wire mesh sheets, 4 mil and 6 mil poly, brick, block, mortar and cement are among the materials Sixt Lumber stocks to keep your job going. In addition, Sixt Lumber carries culvert pipe, schedule 40, pvc and fittings. To make your job easier and more cost efficient, Sixt Lumber carries Fox Blocks insulated concrete forms. Radient comfort flooring panels are available for even heat transfer and energy efficiency.

Two convenient locations with everything to get your job done right. Ask about delivery for those big jobs to the sight.



At Sixt Lumber we provide home improvement and construction supplies for every job. Our family owned stores also carry a wide selection of fasteners, screws, framing, coil nails and much more. Sixt Lumber offers electrical breaker boxes, wire, extension cords, and rough-in electrical. Recessed lighting and motion lights are available for your jobs.

Sixt Lumber offers the Hardware you need to complete your project.

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