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Chaffee, NY
Little Valley, NY

Masonry & Conrete


Offering concrete and mortar mixes, blacktop products, sono tubes, insulated concrete forms, and concrete blocks. Sixt Lumber has everything to get your job done right. Ask about delivery for those big jobs to the sight.

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In Stock:

*Fox Blocks           *Culvert Pipe 

*Sono Tubes         *PVC        *Wire Mesh

*Reinforcing Rods                *Cement Blocks


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Mix, fix, top, patch, bond, repair & resurface.


Save labor, time & money when you build with Fox concrete wall forms you are doing 5 steps in 1: insulation, vapor barrier, air barrier, studding and sheathing all in one step. Fox Blocks strives to bring the highest building performance through an innovative line of ICF products.

~ Chaffee ~
13990 East Schutt Road
Chaffee, NY 14030
Phone: 716-492-2390
Fax 716-492-1012

~ Little Valley ~
619 Rock City Road
Little Valley, NY 14755
Phone 716-938-6521
Fax 716-938-6710

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